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Les Ajoncs d'Or
Hotel & Restaurant
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Special: Boiled egg with cream morel and Foie gras sauce ( cooked in front of you ) €19
Special: Homemade duck liver foie gras served with toasts €19
6 local cupped oysters n°3 €12
12 local cupped oysters n°3 €24
6 Belon flat oysters n°2 €16
12 Belon flat oysters n°2 €32
Duet of 3 Belon oysters + 3 cupped oysters €15
Duet of 6 Belon oysters + 6 cupped oysters €30
Seafood platter: ½ crab, 3 cupped oysters, 4 langoustines, 4 prawnss, winkles, whelks, clams €28
Crab with mayonnaise €16
Plate of prawns with mayonnaise €12
Plate of Dublin Bay prawns with mayonnaise €16
Mussels marinière cooked with white wine, parsley, shallots and cream €9.50
Homemade fish soup, served with croutons, emmental cheese and rouille €11
Oven baked hard-shell-clams stuffed with garlic and parsley butter €14
Oven baked soft-shell-clams stuffed with garlic and parsley butter €14
Oven baked queen scallops stuffed with garlic and parsley butter €14
Selection of oven baked clams and mussels listed below stuffed with garlic and parsley butter €14
Melon and cured ham €14
Artichoke flower stuffed with cream, herbs and smoked salmon €14
Fresh goat cheese with herbs wrapped in zuchini leeves, pesto dressing €14
Tartare of raw fish (sea bream) with citrus €19
Scallops gratineted in a creamy shellfish sauce, on a glasswort bed €19
Seafood platter for 1 person: ½ crab, 3 cupped oysters, 3 Belon flat oysters, 6 langoustines, 6 prawns, winkles, whelks, clams) €34
Seafood platter for 2 people €68
Royal seafood platter for 2*: Same as below + half a lobster per person. €96
Grilled Breton lobster ** €10 per 100 grams
* Must be ordered 48 hours in advance
** Depending on the weight of the lobster – must be ordered 48 hours in advance
Casserole of 3 fishes cooked in a fishsoup €20
Broiled fillet of sea bream, olive oil with shallots, tomato cubs and herbs €19
Fricassee of squid and potatoes, creamy shellfish sauce €19
Monkfish roasted with crispy bacon and bacon flavoured sauce €24
Steak of brill, creamy champagne sauce €24
Panfried scallops served in a puff pastry with creamy shellfish sauce €24
Half a roasted cockerel with bacon, tarragon sauce €16
Flank steak of beef with shallots sauce €18
Fillet of pork cooked with apples and mead sauce €18
Braised lambshank, glazed with honey €24
Roasted Duck breast "tournedos style" with creamy foie gras sauce €20
Fillet of beef with mushrooms sauce €24
Country of origin of beef: France
Plate of prawns with mayonnaise and homemade chips €15
Plate of 7 sorted cheeses and green salad €12.50
Selection of oven baked clams and mussels stuffed with garlic and parsley butter served with homemade chips €15
Mussels marinière cooked with white wine, parsley, shallots and cream, served with homemade chips €12
Homemade chips portion €4.50
Green side salad €3
Homemade Desserts
Strawberries poached with rhubarb sweet wine, vanilla ice cream €9.50
Lemon curd and basil tart €9.50
Panna cotta with a rhubarb heart, red fruits sauce €9.50
Crème caramel brûlée €9.50
Pastry puff gateau stuffed with walnut praline cream €9.50
Royal chocolate gateau on hazelnut crust €9.50
Coffee Gourmet served with 3 small desserts €9.50
Ice Cream Sundaes
Sorbets: lime, apple, pear, raspberry.
Ice cream: vanilla, coffee, chocolate, strawberry, cinnamon, rum & grappe, caramel.
1 scoop €3
2 scoops €6
3 scoops €9
Peach Melba: poached peach, vanilla & strawberry ice cream red fruit juice, whipped cream €9.50
Poire Belle Hélène: poached pear, vanilla & chocolate ice cream chocolate sauce, whipped cream €9.50
Café or Chocolat Liégeois: vanilla & coffee/chocolate ice cream, coffee/chocolate sauce, whipped cream €9.50
Ajoncs Sundae: mandarin, vanilla red fruit ice cream, passion sauce, whipped cream €9.50
Extra cost whipped cream €1
Drizzeled sorbets
* €3 supplement for the Ajoncs d'Or Menu (€33)
Pear sorbet with pear brandy * €13
Lime sorbet with vodka * €13
Raspberry sorbet with raspberry brandy * €13
Apple sorbet with apple brandy * €13
A traditional dish from Alsace, this pickled cabbage is cooked with 3 fish and a small amount of creamy shellfish sauce.
Only available in winter - Contact us!
Homemade foie gras
Homemade foie gras
Served semi-cooked in a terrine and ready-seasoned, our foie gras is perfect as a gift or for a family meal. Available in bulk or cut into slices of about 80 grams. €10 per 100 grams.
Breton artichoke
Breton artichoke
Served whole and slightly warm, stuffed with whipped cream with herbs and slices of smoked salmon.
Only available in summer - Contact us!
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